Jeep Grand Cherokee

1993-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Jeep Grandee Cheroki
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee brand Cars
+ Settings and routine maintenance
+ Ryadny six-cylinder engine
+ V8 Engine
- Procedures of the general and major maintenance of the engine
   General information
   Major maintenance of the engine - the general information
   Check of kompressionny pressure in cylinders
   The diagnostic checks made by means of the vacuum gage
   Methods of removal of the engine and necessary precautionary measures
   Removal and engine installation
   Options of restoration of the engine
   Order of dismantling of the engine
   Dismantling of a head of cylinders
   Cleaning and check of a condition of a head of cylinders
   Service of valves
   Assembly of a head of cylinders
   Removal of shatunno-piston assemblies
   Removal of a cranked shaft
   Cleaning of the block of the engine
   Check of a condition of the block of the engine
   Honingovaniye of cylinders
   Check of a condition of shatunno-piston assemblies
   Check of a condition of a cranked shaft
   Check of a condition of radical and shatunny bearings
   Engine assembly order after completion of its major maintenance
   Installation of a cranked shaft and check of gaps of radical bearings
   Installation of piston rings
   Installation of shatunno-piston assemblies and check of gaps in shatunny bearings
   The first start of the engine after major maintenance
+ Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ System of electric equipment of the engine
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission
+ Transfer case
+ Coupling and transmission line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ System of onboard electric equipment
+ Governing bodies and operation receptions

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Options of restoration of the engine

At independent performance of procedures of major maintenance of the engine the amateur mechanic will face possibility of implementation in its several various ways. The first of criteria by which need of carrying out replacement of the block of the engine is determined, shatunno-piston assemblies and a cranked shaft is the condition of the block of cylinders. Material inputs, existence of access to stanochny park, definition of the list of necessary spare parts and possibility of their acquisition belong to number of other factors. Besides, necessary conditions are existence of free time and experience of independent performance of mechanical works.

Cost of carrying out listed below alternatives of major maintenance of the engine can vary depending on quality of acquired spare parts, extensiveness of a range of necessary machining and procedures of the special tool required for high-quality performance and the equipment. Many automobile repair shops in addition to repair of separate components undertake performance of complete assembly of the engine (with installation of the full or reduced set). Consult in the next repair trucks about a range of works carried out by them and the prices for them.

Main from options of restoration of the engine are:

Replacement of separate components - If the preliminary analysis of a condition of the engine showed that the block of cylinders and the most part of components of the engine are in a suitable condition for further application, acquisition and installation of only separate defective components can be the most reasonable and economical way out. Thus conditions of the block, a cranked shaft and shatunno-piston assemblies should be checked very carefully. Even at insignificant degree of wear of the block without fail it is necessary to make a honingovaniye of cylinders.

Installation of the reduced set of the block - the Reduced set consists of the engine block complete with cranked shaft and shatunno-piston assemblies. All new bearings should be thus established and all gaps are exposed. On such block after insignificant (if it is required) machining the camshaft, components of the klapanny mechanism, a head (and) cylinders and hinged units are established old.

Installation of a totality of the block - the Full set includes the reduced set, plus the oil pump, the case pallet, a head (and) cylinders, a cover (and) heads, a camshaft and components of the klapanny mechanism, distributive asterisks with a chain or a gear wheel and a cover of a drive of the gas-distributing mechanism (chain). All components are established with new bearings, epiploons and laying and everything that it is required to make, it to establish the inlet pipeline, a final collector (ы) and hinged units.

Carefully weigh everything pros and cons at a choice of option of restoration of the engine, consult in a local workshop of car-care center or dealer office and only then start purchase of necessary spare parts.